NP Solutions is in the process of scheduling their popular 1099 and W-2 classes.  These classes will be offered throughout the month of January (2016).  These webinar sessions have a limited number of attendees per session and tend to fill up quickly.  Be sure to register for one or both classes once dates are published.

NP Solutions Priority Support Plan Subscribers

Good News!  We’ve decided to make these webinars free-of-charge this year.  We’ll provide you with a Special Code once the class days/times are set.  If you’re not a Priority Support Plan Subscriber it’s not too late to become one and get the 1099 and W-2 classes for free. We’ll be scheduling these classes throughout the month of January and they will be offered for $75 per class or $100 for both classes.  For details please call 800-452-6599.