There is no magic elixir for successful Customer Service and there simply is no pleasing everybody. With that in mind, the best advice I can give you to address Customer Service related issues is do everything in your power to address those symptoms before they become issues. Easier said than done, right! Remember, everyone in your organization is a Customer Service Representative. And in reality, doesn’t the Customer Service process really begin with a prospect and that initial sales and marketing contact? 

You want to set the tone for that prospect and what they can expect from you as a vendor/service provider moving forward. So the question you should be asking yourself on a daily basis is, “Am I doing everything in my power to make doing business with my organization an easy endeavor?” While there is no substitute for good sales and marketing, likewise there is no substitute for simple, easy, friendly and professional business rules.

While it may seem simple, easy, friendly and professional to you, ask yourself, ask your customers, ask anyone who will listen on a daily basis…   

Bill O’Brien – Business Development – NP Solutions