About Us

Why Work with NP Solutions?

We believe the decision to work with a consulting firm is equally important as the software that manages your organization. If you believe your consulting partner should have …

  • Over twenty years of relevant non-profit experience
  • An organizational makeup where every employee is a degreed accountant with a concentration in non-profit accounting, and fundraising
  • An organizational philosophy based on mutual respect and value before price (although we dare you to find a more fair and equitable price)
  • And a little fun in a relationship …

Then you just described NP Solutions! OUR CLIENTS tell us we do a great job of delivering what we promise, when we promise, for our agreed upon price. But, we believe the true acid test of any service provider is how quickly a challenge is addressed and satisfactorily resolved. WE WORK WITH a wide array of non-profit organizations each with their own specific requirements, and we represent these industry leading software systems:

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Talk with us, meet with us, hear what other non-profit organizations have to say about us, and decide for yourself.