Affordable Healthcare Act

As a result of the new Affordable Health Care Act we are seeing new Health Plans that may affect your organization and the way you utilize the MIP HR system. These new Plans take into account dependents with variable, age-based rates. This means HR users will need to create new Plans that address the age of dependents.

The good news is that the new Plans will not require any additional software as the HR module currently incorporates dependent tracking, including birthdate and relationship (Dependent, Beneficiary, Both), which can be used to calculate the premiums and contributions correctly from the new tables. These changes may, however, require some consulting on our part to create these new tables. We would like to start scheduling our time appropriately to minimize any potential delays in getting your organization migrated over. If you need our assistance, please start gathering the necessary dependent information for all employees and consider the following:

  • Children eligibility is up to age 26
  • Spouse rate could be based on age (formerly based on employee age)
  • Dependent children rates may also be age based
  • SSN information may be required (there is a field in HR for that already)

Remember that all Benefit Plans in HR have an Effective date so you can build for the new rate tables proactively, add them to the employee records on your schedule and the system will switch to them as soon as the payroll period comes around. This will relieve some of the stress of open enrollment from your payroll and HR staff.

With plans and rates becoming more complicated, now might be a good time to look into adding HR. If you were considering using the Abila MIP HR module please know that the system, as is, can address the new Affordable Health Care Act provisions.

Please call us with any questions and start gathering the necessary information as quickly as possible.
NP Solutions Consulting Team
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