Arts and Humanities

NON-PROFIT ARTS AND HUMANITIES ORGANIZATIONS as a rule will share the same unique requirements when searching for a fund accounting and fundraising software system to address their distinctive challenges. Because Arts and Humanities organizations do not rely on state and federal monies to subsidize their operations they must rely on the generosity of individuals and corporate sponsors.

IF YOUR ORGANIZATION experiences any of these fund accounting challenges: tracking individual donor balances with particular attention to financial reporting for internal and external stakeholders, reporting on multiple funds across multiple cost centers through varying budget versions and cycles or other fiscal transparency related issues, or any of these fundraising challenges: planning, organizing and managing all aspects of special events and exhibitions that strengthen relationships with supporters, then we believe we can help.

LEARN MORE about NP Solutions’ offerings: MIP Fund Accounting Fundraising 50, and Fundraising Online non-profit software applications for Arts & Humanities Organizations.

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