TODAY’S METHOD of quickly, safely, and securely delivering software upgrades and enhancements is done online. The days of receiving a diskette in the mail, which begat receiving CDs in the mail are long gone. As a service to our valued clients, and in conjunction with Abila, Inc. and Sage Software when applicable, we will provide all the latest software version releases when they become available for download.

DOES THAT MEAN you’ll never see another CD in the mail from Abila, Inc., Sage Software or NP Solutions… of course not, there will be times when it is appropriate to receive software by mail. We will notify you immediately when new software releases become available with instructions and recommendations for downloading.

AND FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT WERE WONDERING…yes, this is a free service. We always recommend you contact an NP Solutions’ technical consultant before downloading any software.  We’re here to help!