Abila Software recently announced the launch of Abila Elevate. Elevate is new cloud-based fundraising software that helps nonprofit organizations spend more time engaging donors and raising funds and less time fumbling around with spreadsheets and databases.

Here’s a look at this new and easy-to-use software that’s going to “elevate” your fundraising efforts.

Elevate Your Fundraising Effort with Features That Help You:

  • Know Your Donors Like You Know Your Friends – Track donor preferences and activity to ensure communications are timely and relevant. Use the Circles™ feature for at-a-glance visibility into a donor’s relationships and communities.
  • Build Better Connections Using Donor Scoring – metrics and insights that track activity and engagement levels with your organization so you can treat every donor like a major donor.
  • Prevent Missed Connections and Lost Dollars – reports and data help you better understand giving cycles and donor behavior to capture  the maximum gift and engage the right donors at the right time.
  • Use Your Limited Resources More Effectively – the simple interface and cutting-edge features of Abila Elevate™ provide one-click access to the information you need quickly, without digging through spreadsheets and databases.

Cloud-Based Fundraising Software

Developed by Abila Software, makers of the popular MIP Fund Accounting Software, Elevate was built from the ground up as a true cloud-based Software-as-a-service (SaaS) application. That means there’s no hardware to buy, servers to configure, or complicated software installation. You can sign up and start using Elevate today!

And because it’s delivered from the cloud, you can access your fundraising software and data from any device – desktop, laptop, iPad, or mobile phone – in the office or on the road.

To download a brochure, learn more about Elevate features, or to see a demo, click below to visit our Abila Elevate information page:

Elevate Features & Demo


Want to See a Demo?

If you’d like to see first-hand how Elevate can improve fundraising at YOUR organization, just leave you name below and we’ll follow up to schedule a personal demonstration.