Non-Profit Executive Workshop | $129

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017 - Reno, Nevada


Join a panel of your peers and non-profit industry experts for a one-day open forum workshop as we discuss paths to improving your organizational financial health. 

This new and exciting one-day Executive Workshop will bring together fellow Executive Directors, CEOs, Board Members, Program Directors, Finance Directors and other staff members that would benefit from discussing the challenges facing today’s non-profit organizations.  We have assembled a panel of industry experts to lead roundtable discussions centering on:

Fiduciary Responsibilities – We’ll discuss ways to improve communication between the various fiduciaries at non-profit organizations. This will also address the flow of fiduciary responsibility between internal departments and external fiduciaries.

Grant Compliance – They say there’s no such thing as a “free lunch” and this adage is especially true for grants. Federal, State and Local agencies hold non-profit organizations accountable. We’ll discuss best practices for accountability, transparency and responsibilities within organizations.

Fraud Prevention – Learn the secrets to recognizing, reducing the risk of and overcoming fraud at your organization. The discussion is intended to help with risk assessment, deterrence and vigilance.

Sharing Your Organization’s Story – It’s everyone’s responsibility to give a telling account of your organization’s mission and impact within your community. It’s a competitive landscape and you want to do everything in your power to generate positive “buzz” about your organization to induce donations and publicity.

Effective Grant Writing – This discussion will center on what various agencies look for in a grant proposal when awarding funds and how to use that knowledge to better prepare and present your proposal. This applies to new grants and renewal grants.

Roundtable Discussion – Since this is an open forum and your participation in these session is encouraged we’re setting aside some time to discuss any organizational challenges not previously addressed.

Free Gift and Grand Prize Drawing Entry – Registrants will receive a free gift for attending and an entry into the grand prize drawing.

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