Abila MIP Advance

Time-Tested Fund Accounting Software That Runs In the Cloud

Abila MIP Advance™ is a true SaaS fund accounting program designed specifically for non-profit organizations looking for a cloud-based technology solution.

Abila MIP Advance™ offers the same exceptional functionality found in standard Abila MIP Fund Accounting with a new and improved Digital Dashboard and a REST (REpresentational State Transfer) API for improved program integration.

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A Look Inside

Click the images below to take a closer look at MIP Advance software screns.

MIP Fund Accounting Brochure

MIP Advance Overview Brochure

Cloud-Based Fund Accounting for Modern Nonprofits

Download the MIP Advance Brochure to learn more about the product features, system capabilities, and the benefits running a true fund accounting software on worry-free cloud-based technology.

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MIP Advance Video: See How It Works!

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