Today marks a very special day as we announce the release of two products – Abila MIP Fund Accounting version 2014 and Abila Fundraising 50 version 2014. It gives me great pleasure to see these product updates being released as it was a culmination of dedicated work from our team and collaboration with our users that helped shape these innovative updates.

For Abila MIP Fund Accounting users, getting back to a trusted name that our users know so well is only the tip of the iceberg of changes that were included in this release. Talking with our users, we realized the tremendous amount of trust that you put in us and our products and we are eager to demonstrate our continued commitment to providing MIP users with the best possible experience.

We are continuing to invest in new technology used in MIP in order to enhance the current product and expand it to new platforms. In addition to some SQL related technology upgrades, we have developed more functionality on the MIP Mobile product. Working with users, I have really enjoyed hearing feedback about where they would like to see their organization go, and how MIP can help them get there.

We are also very excited to announce Abila Fundraising 50 Version 2014! This release provides our users with a new event features and reporting updates.

We know that special events and campaigns are an important aspect of a nonprofit’s ability to raise funds and attract new donors. To meet those needs we have streamlined the ability to create new events through a new Event Wizard. We also know that organizations host the same events every year so we added functionality to copy existing events from year to year to help save time.

We are very excited about this release and know that it wouldn’t be possible without the participation of our users. We know that you are the ones out there making a difference in the world, and look forward to being a part of that by continuing to move forward together.

(reblogged with permission from Abila)