Does your organization have a strong internet presence? Is your website easy to navigate? Is the information about your organization clearly presented? Are supporters able to donate easily online?  Asking these questions is essential to the success of your non-profit organization.  You only have a few seconds to make a big impression on visitors and having a well designed, professional website is the key to gaining online support.

We at NP Solutions want to offer some tips that will help your website make a great first impression and call society to join your cause.  There are several important elements to a successful website. Today I’m covering a few of them as part of the NP Solutions Tool Kit Series. We developed this post to help you have a better understanding of the most essential components of your website and the importance of a perfectly designed site

The top 4 reasons for having a perfectly designed website are:

1.) Your organization’s website is the base of your online marketing and the foundation of your organization’s reputation.

2.) If your website makes a bad impression or looks unprofessional, visitors will be hesitant and unlikely to support your organization.

3.) Studies show that most people give up trying to complete a donation form online because the process is too complicated.

4.) Your website can also be used to gather information from your visitors (contact info, priorities, concerns etc.) to help engage your community

The infographic below will help you get started on some of the essential design components for creating the perfect non-profit website.  Please continue to check our blog frequently as we’ll cover each component more in-depth.


We know developing a successful online strategy may seem like an overwhelming task, but remember NP Solutions is here to help. We offer Abila Fundraising Online which allows customers to easily setup and share Registration, Donation and Request For Information (RFI) forms. Contact us to learn more about the options available for Abila Fundraising online.  We’d love to help you accomplish your online fundraising goals.

By the way if you missed my last Tool Kit post on getting help for commonly asked questions, you can check it out here.