Today we’re introducing a new series on the NP Solutions blog called “The NP Solutions Tool Kit.”  Through this series we’ll be covering the topics you have questions about the most.  It’s our hope that this series will help you learn some new ways to navigate the software, quick and easy ways to troubleshoot common problems and tips and tricks to get your questions answered quickly.

The title of today’s post is named after one of the most common emails we get here at NP Solutions, “HELP!”

Everyone gets stuck at some point and needs help. Sometimes people want to figure out how to solve the problems on their own and some people want to bang their heads on their desk.  Either way, I want to help you get the help you need in the timeliest fashion so I put together this chart to let you know what to do when you get stuck.


Hopefully this chart aides in guiding you next time you get stuck and don’t forget to take advantage of our phone, e-mail, on-line and on-site customer service.  NP Solutions offers several support plan options and we’d be happy to go over any questions you have to determine the timeliest solution to any issues you may be having.  We want this post to be beneficial to you, so let us know what you think in the comment section below.