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A Range of Services for Nonprofits

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES is the one area where software providers distinguish themselves. Our professional services relationship starts at first contact even before organizations have engaged NP Solutions. While software and service providers like to believe they can be all things to all organizations, that is simply not the case.

WHETHER your organization is in the market for software, professional services, or a combination of both we need to decide together that NP Solutions’ organizational philosophies, software solutions, and support services match your needs. Our initial risk-free analysis is designed to help both our organizations make that determination. If our organizations can’t agree on these three criteria then we’ll help your organization find a company that might better suit your needs.

WHY WOULD WE OFFER to help you work with a potential competitor? An organization’s well-being has always been our policy, practice, and goal, but ultimately our belief is you’ll wonder what it’s like to be treated as an NP Solutions client if we’ll go to these extremes to help before you engage us!

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A Range of Services for Nonprofit Organizations

Software Implementation

Implementation Services is an imprecise concept and every organization has their own unique perception of which attributes constitute Implementation Services. At NP Solutions it’s the concept of both our organizations working together: through the software selection process, the installation and configuration of the software to match your organizational requirements, initial and on-going training for all users, and continual project management for the life of the software.

Every New Engagement, whether you’re new to the software, new to NP Solutions, or modifying an existing configuration, includes a Project Manager and any additional staff required to ensure a successful undertaking. Before starting any new engagement both our organizations define the scope of the project, which includes an agreed upon fixed-fee implementation plan. In the event the scope of the project changes we will once again define a scope and fixed-fee implementation plan for the new project.

What Constitutes a Successful Implementation? At NP Solutions we have a difficult time letting go so we rely on you to graciously tell us it’s time to let go. When you’re satisfied we have met all expectations defined by the scope of the project plan then we have a successful implementation.

Consulting for Nonprofits

CONSULTING SERVICES, like Implementation Services, is an imprecise concept and every organization has their own unique perception of which attributes constitute Consulting Services. Organizations benefit from engaging NP Solutions twofold: they get an adviser and an expert.

WITH 30+ YEARS OF NON-PROFIT EXPERIENCE we have witnessed and contributed to the evolution of many not-for-profit organizations over the years. Every Implementation Engagement includes helpful guidance, input, and counseling through the application of technical and professional skills. Some organizations, however, ask for assistance in matters that go beyond the successful implementation of software. Our consultants bring organizational infrastructure experience in additional to financial accounting, fundraising and grant management skill sets garnered through years of education and practical experience.

IT’S NICE TO KNOW a service provider can help with all aspects of the business.

Process Flow Analysis

Process Flow Analysis – In many instances an unbiased third-party analysis of the flow of data within organizations can help improve processes moving forward. The benefits of engaging NP Solutions for financial accounting and technology analysis include: fiscal transparency from historical data, establishing proper metrics to improve business decisions, identifying potential inefficiencies, risks or deviations, improved documentation and compliance, better relations with constituents, and determining the best deployment methods for the software that runs an organization.

Outsourced Accounting Services

CONSISTENTLY PERFORMING AT A HIGHER LEVEL than other services providers is our goal. One approach we take to distinguish ourselves from the other service providers is to deliver complementary product and service offerings.

NP SOLUTIONS OFFERS out-sourced financial accounting services for the MIP Fund Accounting system. These out-sourced services are offered on an on-going, as-needed, or project basis. Perhaps: your organization does not require a full-time accounting department at this stage of the business, your organization’s accounting department is experiencing rapid growth, you have a mission-critical project to complete, or an employee will be out for an extended period of time.

OUT-SOURCING FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING responsibilities has been an economical and unobtrusive alternative for many of our clients. Our out-sourced financial accountants assure uninterrupted and accurate accounting for all components of the MIP Fund Accounting system (General Ledger, Accounts Payable & Receivable, Bank Reconciliations, Payroll, Reporting, etc.).

Custom Software Development

CUSTOM DEVELOPMENT services are available for MIP Fund Accounting. On very rare occasions we find that some non-profit organizations may have a very specific business requirement that standard out-of-the-box MIP Fund Accounting does not address to the fullest extent.

SHOULD A NEED for custom development be uncovered in our initial discovery meeting (for those organizations that do not presently own MIP Fund Accounting) we are afforded an opportunity to decide together if perhaps a custom module or other solutions may better address your unique needs. Should you already own MIP Fund Accounting and your business model has changed to the extent that custom development is necessary, we will have you meet with a development consultant and design a scope document so we can decide together if custom development is in your best interest.

THE PROJECT PLAN will include a cost/benefit analysis, a design concept, a fixed-fee proposal, and what to expect moving forward with your custom development. It is important to note that some custom development requests may be addressed in upcoming releases of the software.

Got Questions?

If you have any questions about our software, services, or the work we do with nonprofit organizations, be sure to click below to get in touch and we’ll follow up to answer your questions.