Custom Software Development

CUSTOM DEVELOPMENT services are available for Abila MIP Fund Accounting. On very rare occasions we find that some non-profit organizations may have a very specific business requirement that standard out-of-the-box Abila MIP Fund Accounting does not address to the fullest extent.

SHOULD A NEED for custom development be uncovered in our initial discovery meeting (for those organizations that do not presently own Abila MIP Fund Accounting) we are afforded an opportunity to decide together if perhaps a custom module or other solutions may better address your unique needs. Should you already own Abila MIP Fund Accounting and your business model has changed to the extent that custom development is necessary, we will have you meet with a development consultant and design a scope document so we can decide together if custom development is in your best interest.

THE PROJECT PLAN will include a cost/benefit analysis, a design concept, a fixed-fee proposal, and what to expect moving forward with your custom development. It is important to note that some custom development requests may be addressed in upcoming releases of the software.