Implementation Services

implimatationIMPLEMENTATION SERVICES is an imprecise concept and every organization has their own unique perception of which attributes constitute Implementation Services. At NP Solutions it’s the concept of both our organizations working together: through the software selection process, the installation and configuration of the software to match your organizational requirements, initial and on-going training for all users, and continual project management for the life of the software.

EVERY NEW ENGAGEMENT, whether you’re new to the software, new to NP Solutions, or modifying an existing configuration, includes a Project Manager and any additional staff required to ensure a successful undertaking. Before starting any new engagement both our organizations define the scope of the project, which includes an agreed upon fixed-fee implementation plan. In the event the scope of the project changes we will once again define a scope and fixed-fee implementation plan for the new project.

WHAT CONSTITUTES A SUCCESSFUL IMPLEMENTATION? At NP Solutions we have a difficult time letting go so we rely on you to graciously tell us it’s time to let go. When you’re satisfied we have met all expectations defined by the scope of the project plan then we have a successful implementation.