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Helping to Keep Your Software Up and Running

SUPPORT SERVICES is NP Solutions’ on-going assistance after the initial implementation. Whether or not your organization used NP Solutions for the initial implementation, we’re here to help. We offer various on-going Support Plans to match your needs and your budgets. (NP Solutions tends to shy away from hourly Support Plans – it’s a value thing!)

NP SOLUTIONS’ ON-GOING SUPPORT is offered as an augmentation to Abila Support included in your Annual Maintenance Renewal. While we neither encourage nor discourage you from continuing with an NP Solutions Support Plan, please remember: we know you and your practices, we know your system configuration, and we offer the same friendly service you grew accustomed to during the initial implementation.

THE NP SOLUTIONS PRIORITY SUPPORT PLAN provides for unlimited toll-free support and includes these additional benefits: reduction or waiver of conference and user group fees (certain restrictions apply), discounts on future/follow up training, and after-hour toll-free support.

THE NP SOLUTIONS PRIORITY PLUS SUPPORT PLAN is designed by both our organizations to provide any extra benefits you require beyond our standard Priority Support Plan.

Got Questions?

If you have any questions about our software, services, or the work we do with nonprofit organizations, be sure to click below to get in touch and we’ll follow up to answer your questions.

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